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Gold Mountain

Two Asian American detectives investigate
a series of grisly murders as war looms between an old Chinese "family" and the Russian mafia.

Whitney Chan and the Gang of Death

Commander Whitney Chan leads the “Gang of Three” on a desperate mission to save the world. Her team of fighters faces insurmountable odds as it battles its way to Checkpoint Wonderland to rendezvous with K-team and solve the mystery of the Aurora Cube.


Whatever you do, don't look back.

Gold MountainSeason 2

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1/5/19: LordRifa w/ The Trouble With Monkeys & Marilyn Mitchell @ Hotel Utah


10/19/18: LordRifa opens for Doctor Striker @ Starry Plough


1/7/17: LordRifa opens for PUDDLE OF MUDD @ Slims's


3/4/17: LordRifa acoustic set @CSU-EB Art Gallery, 3-6pm, Hayward


4/29/17: LordRifa ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ Neck of the Woods TICKETS


9/16/17: @ Neck Of The Woods, Clement Street, SFCA.  Doors 7:30pm TICKETS


10/28/17: LordRifa w/ Stäng + Sam Pace @ Bottom of the Hill TICKETS



is the amalgamation

of all that's left behind


the space where the shadow

once stood sentry, and

the diaspora of fragments

which together comprise

a soul too loud


for just one body


not crazy, just a little nuts


reach out

get funky

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