1/7/17: LordRifa opens for PUDDLE OF MUDD @ Slims's


3/4/17: LordRifa acoustic set @CSU-EB Art Gallery, 3-6pm, Hayward


4/29/17: LordRifa ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ Neck of the Woods TICKETS


9/16/17: @ Neck Of The Woods, Clement Street, SFCA.  Doors 7:30pm TICKETS


10/28/17: LordRifa w/ Stäng + Sam Pace @ Bottom of the Hill TICKETS



is the amalgamation

of all that's left behind


the space where the shadow

once stood sentry, and

the diaspora of fragments

which together comprise

a soul too loud


for just one body


not crazy, just a little nuts


reach out


get funky

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